On a very, very hot day - protect your best friend from overheating in style

K-9 Cooler at a glance

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How it works

K-9 Cooler bandanas have a built-in pocket to hold a 3x5 ice pack. Keep several ice packs in your freezer, and you can simply pop one in the bandana. It should keep cooling your pooch for 30-45 minutes.

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Comes in all sizes

Our products are available in six sizes to aid dogs big and small.

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Looking good!

We have varieties of colors and patterns, and regularly add more to the line. Check them out and we are sure you can pick one just right for your buddy.

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Looking Good!

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Anna & Tank

I recently came back to the States and moving my pitbull from my parents' house in Minnesota to Texas. He doesn't like heat and K-9 Cooler is definitely working for him!

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Jen & Pixel

My baby is a Corgi and with her short legs, she is too close to the hot ground sometimes. K-9 Cooler enables me to take her out for a walk without worrying about overheating.

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Mike & Buddy

My yellow lab is young at heart but he is almost 10 now. It is great to spend quality time with him outdoors without worrying about his health.

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Sarah & Snow

I live in New Mexico with my husky. She wasn't too impressed when I moved here, but now I got a K-9 Cooler for her, she thinks her human finally came to her senses!